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This work arises from the collaboration between Stefania Ballone (dancer and choreographer), Giulio Colangelo and Vittorio Montalti (composers and performers), with the idea of creating a new performance with live dance and electronic music.
The starting point is Georges Bataille's text on the Lascaux caves and the birth of art. The painted cave is a representation of a "miracle," the appearance of man himself surpassing his animal past. Spirituality and beauty are the permeating elements of this fascinating place where artistic gestures are born.
The performance retraces the unconscious moment from which that primordial creative impulse was generated, leaving an indelible trace in time. Through this act, later becoming a sign, an impulse was given life that has reached us.


Dance, music, and the lights of Lascaux evoke the evocative atmospheres of the cave: shadows, colors, sounds, noises, echoes, the visceral relationship of these men with nature, which can be both protective and hostile.
The music engages in a dual, closely connected relationship with the choreography, a correspondence and correspondence.
The performance has a macrostructure containing variations, repetitions, nuances, and small improvisational gestures and sounds
The primitive sound material, deeply linked to the unconscious, frames the movements on the stage, where dance brings back the images depicted in the cave, amplifying their visual power, from the details of the surface paintings to the mystery of those in the depths. The stage becomes a real and imagined cave; dimensions expand in opening and closing, distances lengthen and shorten.
The images painted with bodies are like brushstrokes on the canvas of the mind, evoking ancestral dances, the pulse of the hunt, and the mystery of life unfolding among the rocks. The figures on stage transform into sacred totems, becoming the guardians of knowledge that goes beyond words, beyond time.

Among the dancing shadows and whispered secrets, Lascaux guides us on a journey of self- discovery, an odyssey that begins in the caves of Lascaux and unfolds along the pathways of the soul.


dance, electronic usic and reactive lights

MilanOltre festival - 2023
[ Teatro Elfo Puccini | Milano ]

[ ~dance / electronic music ]

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ca 50'


choreography Stefania Ballone
music Vittorio Montalti, Giulio Colangelo
dancers Stefania Ballone, Margherita Pellerano, Edoardo Brovardi

light design Valerio Tiberi,Alessandro Manni
live electronics and interactive lights Vittorio Montalti, Giulio Colangelo
Produced by Associazione Fulcro and MILANoLTRE Festival coproduced by Associazione Ariella Vidach – AiEP
supported by Orsolina28 Art Foundation and LOXOSconcept APS


[ © 2023 ]

giulio colangelo

vittorio montalti

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