Giulio Colangelo holds an MA cum laude in electroacoustic composition after studying with Alessandro Cipriani and Giampiero Gemini in Frosinone (Italy). He attended masterclasses in instrumental techniques and electronic composition plus specialist courses in sound engineering and postproduction. He researches parallel languages in order to create complex perceptive experiences.  His work is focused on instrumental experimentation and electroacoustic/acousmatic compositions, on media performances and sound installations, in the domain of the intermedia development. His works have been exhibited in several international contests and broadcasted on Radio France, Radio4, Brava TV, VPRO, Radio3 etc.
He has recently worked at the ZKM on his sonic projects, he performed at the Centre Pompidou (IRCAM live) and contributed to the exhibition “SoundArt” curated by P.Weibel. He was one of the five nominees for the prestigious Gaudeamus Music Award 2016 (the Netherlands). He recently won the Prix CIME 2019 and the first prize at Destellos Prize, and  performed at MEN (Musica Electronica Nova 2019 - Wroclaw) and at the ARS ELECTRONICA 2019 (Linz).
He is the artistic director of the MA/IN festival (electroacoustic music + digital art festival – Italy) since 2016, and the artistic director of the sound art project IN VITRØ ~ for Matera 2019 - European Capital of Culture. He is published by AIMI (CIM), Babelscores, Sonic Art Award, ICMA, Electro:thèque, ZKM, TAUKAY, ARS Publica, TWS. His works have been performed by several musicians and ensembles and awarded in international contests all over Europe, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Republic of Korea and Africa.
He is a faculty member at the Conservatory of Lecce (Italy), as professor of electroacoustic music composition.


since 2011

[ Performances / AWARDS ]

2022 Franci ON ||| GONG - «Conservatorio di Siena»

2022 Aspekte Festival - «Salzburg»

2021 Spaziomusica festival - «Cagliari»

2021 NYCEMF [New York Electroacoustic Festival] -  «NYC»

2020 Atemporánea Festival - Conservatory Ástor Piazzolla - «Buenos Aires»

2019 PRIX CIME "residency winner" - icem

2019 ARS ELECTRONICA "out of the box"​ - Postcity «Linz»

2019 Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2019​ - Platform-L «Seoul»

2019 IN VITRØ - Matera 2019 Euroc capital of culture - Casale «Matera»

2019 Sound Space 2019 - honorable mention «Malmo»


2018 MUSLAB - Espazio Sonoro «Mexico City»

2018 Spaziomusica festival - «Cagliari»

2018 Sonimage - Palazzo Topputi «Bisceglie»

2018 Le Forme del Suono - Conservatory of Latina «Italy»

2018 A&C String Quartet - Gulag History Museum  «Moscow»

2017 MA/IN [Matera Intermedia Festival] - Conservatory of Music «Matera»

2017 IlSUONO Contemporary Music Week - honorable mention «Città di Castello»

2017 EVIMUS - KuBa Kulturzentrum Am Eurobahnof «Saarbrucken»

2017 KEAMSAC [Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society's Annual Conference] - Asia  Culture Center «Gwangju»

2017 MUSLAB [Muestra internacional de Musica Electroacistica] - Ex Teresa Arte Actual «Mexico City»

2017 X° Destellos Competition - 1° Prize -  «Mar de Plata»

2017 Tempo Reale Festival - Limonaia di Villa Strozzi «Firenze»

2017 Cantando String Quartet - National Center of Contemporary Arts «Nizhny Novgorod » ​(Russia)

2017 La stanza Egizia | Punto d'ascolto -  Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “R. Franci" «Siena» 

2017 IRCAM live - Vertigo Forum Art Innovation - Concert Hall of Centre Pompidou «Paris»

2017 Festival MIXTUR - A Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació «Barcelona»

2016 MUSICA NOVA - finalist - «Prague»

2016 XXICIM [Colloqui di Informatica Musicale] - Cittadella dei Musei «Cagliari»

2016 GAUDEAMUS MUZIEKWEEK - nominated composer «Utrecht»

2016 SSC [Sound & Sculpture Conference] - University of Huddersfield «Huddersfield»


2016 JIM15 [Les Journées d'Informatique Musicale] - G.M.E.A./AFIM «Albi»


2016 INTER/actions  - Bangor University «Wales»


2016 Sound Thought - University of Glasgow «Glasgow»


2015 TEF2015 [TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol. 10] - Tokyo Wonder Site​ - Hongo - «Tokyo»


2015 Festival SPAZIOMUSICA [work commissioned] - Lazzaretto, centro culturale di Arte «Cagliari»


2015 ICAD [International Conference on Auditory Display] - Kunstuniversitat Graz / IEM «Graz»


2015 Music Encoding Conference - Mei «Florence»


2015 EMM festival [Electronic Music Midwest ]  - Lewis University «Kansas City»


2014 XXCIM [Colloqui di Informatica Musicale]/EMUfest - Conservatory of S.Cecilia «Rome»


2014 ISMIR [15th International Society of Music Information Retrieval]/WOCMAT [10th International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology] - The Grand Hotel «Taipei»


2014 Electrain de nuit, France Musique «Radio France»


2014 roBOt 07 [Robot Festival] - Palazzo Re Enzo «Bologna»


2014 ICMC [international computer music conference]/SMC [Sound and Music Computing Conference] [ICMA/University of Athens/Istitute for Research on Music and Acoustics] - Onassis Cultural Centre/Main Hall  «Athens»


2014 VII Destellos Prize [2nd prize] «Mar de Plata»


2014 NYCEMF [New York Electroacoustic Festival] - Experimental Theatre/Abrons Arts Centers «NYC»


2014 [commission] Produced at IMA "VISUALITY" - ZKM [Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie] - Kubus «Karlsruhe»


2014 PAS-e - Spazio Bocciofila/Giudecca «Venice»


2013 VI Destellos Prize [finalist] «Mar de Plata»


2013 Lo Sguardo di Orfeo - Conservatorio "L.Refice"/Crea «Frosinone»


2013 EMUfest/Nuova Consonanza - Conservatory of S.Cecilia - auditorium «Rome»


2013 11th Totally Huge Music Festival - Hackett Hall/WA Museum «Perth»


2013 ICMC [international computer music conference] - Hackett Hall/Perth Cultural Centre «Perth»


2013 SMC [Sound and Music Computing Conference] - Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)/The Royal College of Music (KMH) «Stockholm»


2013 Premio Nazionale delle Arti -  Conservatorio "Cimarosa" «Avellino»


2013 13th NIME [International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression] - Graduate School of Culture Technology (GSCT)/Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) – «Daejeon + Seoul»


2013 di_stanze 2013 - Conservatorio “O.Respighi” «Latina»


2013 DIEM elektro - Royal Academy of Music «Århus»


2013 NYCEMF [New York Electroacoustic Festival] - CUNY Graduate Center/ Galapagos Art Space «NYC»


2013 N_SEME - Temple University «Philadelphia»


2013 Athens Slingshot «Athens»


2013 NMM [ISCM festival] - Wertheim Performing Arts Center «Miami»


2012 [S.Emmerson's honorary mention] WOCMAT [international Electroacoustic Music Young Composers Awards] - National Chiao-Tung University «Taiwan»


2012 EMUfest/Nuova Consonanza - Conservatory of S.Cecilia - auditorium «Rome»


2012 ICMC [international computer music conference] -  ICMA/IRZU - Kino Šiška «Lujbjiana»


2011 TES [Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium] - McMaster University «Toronto»


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[ Exhibitions / ReSIDENCES ]

2021 Casa degli Artisti - Milano Design Week «Milano»

2019 Tempo Reale - Villa Strozzi «Firenze»

2017 IRCAM live - Vertigo Forum Art Innovation - Concert Hall of Centre Pompidou «Paris»


2015 TEF2015 [TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol. 10] - Tokyo Wonder Site​ - Hongo - «Tokyo»


2015 Laghi di Monticchio [PZ] - «italy»


2015 Cantinarte - Pietragalla [PZ] - «italy»


2015 [commission] "Criptoportici" sonorization - Roman villa «Formia»


2014 90db/Sonic Art Award - ex Cartiera Latina «Rome»


2013 Museo della Terra «Latera»


2013 NYCEMF [New York Electroacoustic Festival] - CUNY Graduate Center (Queens College) «NYC»


2013 SOUNDART – Sound as a medium of art [by P.Weibel] - ZKM [Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie]  - Media Museum «Karlsruhe»


2012 [finalist] MATA festival «NYC» 


2012 IMATRONIC - ZKM [Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie]  - Kubus foyer (balcony) «Karlsruhe»


2012 EMUfest - Conservatory of S.Cecilia - auditorium foyer «Rome»


2012 [Artistic Residence] ZKM [Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie] - IMA [Institut für Musik und Akustik] «Karlsruhe»


2011 Beam Festival - Brunel University/STEIM  «Uxbridge (London)»


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[ Publications / CAtalogues ]

2019 Ars Publica «score» [Italy]

2019 EU Japan fest «catalogue» [Tokyo]

2018 Ars Publica «score» [Italy]

2017 Not Art Records «music» [Brooklyn]

2017 TEM - TAUKAY ed. musicali - «score» [Italy]

2016 TWS [Tokyo Wonder Site​] - «exhibition catalogue» [Tokyo] 


2014 XXCIM [Colloqui di Informatica Musicale] - «paper» [aimi]


2014 BABELSCORES [Reading Panel] - «score» [Paris]


2014 Sonic Art Award - «music» [Italy]


2014 Electro:thèque - - «music» [Canada]


2014 ICMC [international computer music conference] - «music» [ICMA-USA]


2013 Premio Nazionale dell Arti - «music» [Italy]


2012 BABELSCORES [Reading Panel] - «score» [Paris]


2012 SOUNDART [Mediamuseum] - «exhibition catalogue» [ZKM] 


2011 BABELSCORES [Reading Panel] - «score» [Paris]