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Our intention has been to design an electromechanical performer able to read a score of commands and to be extremely accurate in his work. [re]BO[u]NDS does not renounce to the composition just to show an useless precision mechanism, although complex. It is structural of a well-defined composition form: a mechanism made human by the composer.

[re]BO[u]NDS is an intermedia installation /performance; a total perfomance that tries to reach the viewer from both sonorous and visual point of view. It renounces to present itself as an autonomous sound object as it plays a composition in real time. Our requirement was to not leave the installation to its own devices, but to control it at all the time for the purpose of expressing our formal intention, using tensional and decisive, consolidated techniques like accelerandi and rallentandi, dynamic variations, sudden sound objects, silences, figurative events and complex in order to intrigue the viewer and surprise him in the vision of sound sculpture in action.

At the center of the room a vertical structure is loated, composed of 3 long glass cylinders filled with water, placed on a metal base, below the drippers. When a drop of water falls within a cylinder the sound of the drop will be captured and processed in real time by a complex computer architecture which also oversees the spatialization.The original sound will bounce, within the space, through all emitters. This is the embryo for the chaos process. The multiphonic system will make audible all sound directions, highlighting several dialogues between sound points.This “bounced structure” will be created by a sound patch designed with a range of delays and electronic elaborations wich are characterized by parameters that evolve in the time domain. These robounds include macro-sounds (groups of autonomous cells) and micro-sounds (small portions of the drop of water).Imaginary forces (we will refer to them as attractions) join speakers as cells of the same structure, drawing molecular BONDS within the space. The original sound, like a domino effect, will REBOUND in all directions through all sound sources. From the “crystalline” sound of a drop of water to the “crystallization” of chaos due to its fall to the ground.

[re]BO[u]NDS ~ expanded media

controlled drippers, lights sync, realtime audio processing + electronic sounds

 live ZKM [kubus] - 2014
[ © ZKM visual media - Colangelo/DeBonis ]

[ ~electrønic music ]

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Expanded in 2014 at ZKM
(Zentrum für Kunst und Media) in Karlsruhe (Germany).


[ © 2013/2014  ]

giulio colangelo

valerio de bonis

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