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Giulio Colangelo


interactive + adaptive sound instalation

COVID-19 has imposed a radical change in daily lifestyle on society around the world, through a dramatic reminder and a terrifying social
experiment of planetary interconnectedness and interdependence. Not only social and cultural interdependence, but also natural and biological.
The work consists of three modular geodesic domes that metaphorically trace the three phases of the pandemic; in a process of synthesis and sound dramaturgy, the two artists question the need for a society forced to redesign time and space, establishing new perimeters of safety.
The sound spaces equipped with a multi-channel sound system and sensors, which detect the entry of visitors and determine the acousmatic textures and glitches diffused inside the other domes, triggering a process of contagion between the domes and their own inhabitants. Visitors individually join the sound spaces. The entrance and the type of movements of the user determines sound mutations inside their own area of action. Through a specific algorithm, the sensors react to the movements of the users in the two open domes. Over time the domes become more and more "intolerant" to the human presence, so an accumulation process made of glitches, noisy textures, led flickering, are transferred to the third closed dome which filters the process through the low frequencies.

[ ~electrønic music ]

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[ © 2021]
giulio colangelo
cesare saldicco

production: LOXOS~ in partnership with BuildWithHubs ltd

premiere: Milano Design Week 2021


MAX/msp - Arduino - Cubase


3 domes ( ø 4mt, ø 3.2 mt, ø 2.8mt)
8 passive exciters + amplifiers / long audio cables
1 active subwoofer
6 IR sensors
3 Arduino Boards
6 homemade circuits
20mt LED 24v

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