The interactive sound installation QUADRO_Phonico is a big sonorous touch-wall.

The idea was to build a large interface in order to synthesize a great variety of electronic sounds.


:::  multitouch instrument :::

Ph2 is an acoustic instrument able to produce original sounds when it is “stimulated”.

It’s an interactive interface composed by six sections, each one having the power to produce different sonorities closely tied to the user action. 

Behind the surface there are some contact microphones used to amplify vibrations and on the upper edge are installed some sensors to capture the motion.


Audio processing system are organized in complex way but functional. Each control device, installed in the touch-wall, is managed by three computers.


The installation works like a totally automatic mechanism, and it gives a great variety of original sounds obtained by exasperated audio elaborations and articulated algorithms.

Otherwise during the performance all processes can be modified by artists in real time.


::: painting performance :::

Ph2  transforms painter’s gesture into sounds. This is possible by interpreting the noise of the colour spread on the touch-wall.

In this way we have two effects:

+ sounds are generated from the sign drawing on a big white canvas put on Quadro_phonico.

+ the painter is inspired by these sonorities.


So, this artwork became a large sonorous painting as result of an interesting interaction between very  different art dimensions!

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sound sculpture:                                                           wood




220 x 240 cm 


[ © 2010  ]


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