A big ear (…listening…)

Four speakers (…speaking…)

A hand (…breaking sounds…)

An exasperating electronic elaboration of speech or any other sound produced by the user.

The visitor can follow a path from the big ear, to one hand reached towards him!









to disintegrate  the linearity of the speech.

to neutralize  the logic by making a synthesis of innumerable phonetic segments.


The big ear listen to all of this. The hand want to make a link with user.This is the most intuitive tool to interact with installation.Only by touching the hand it happens the “bacterial infection”.

The movement of this particles is “surreally” transformed into acoustic energy. This movement generates electronic cellula which contains chaotic, altered, granulized messages.It generates new dialectic expressions very influent on the user’s sensibility. A broken and illogic information stream in a relative time…

…a perception of the stream of consciousness.


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sound sculpture:                                                 plaster ear

                                            plaster hand on white column


electromagnetic sensor



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interactive sound installation

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