A capillary complex that evolves autonomously up to devouring the sourrounding space. Will of an apparatus “in embryo” that solve et coagula. 

Decomposing into energy which forces the recomposition, It is an “open organism” that can not be contained by any membrane and furcefully branches out in different states and shapes, trying to wrap the whole. 


to G. Antongirolami

commissioned by SPAZIOMUSICA [Cagliari]

[ ~electrøacøustic music ]

<< solve et coagula - 5'.20" >>


recorded at REDstudiø~/live Spaziomusica fest


::: alto SAX  Gianpaolo Antongirolami

::: e~ Giulio Colangelo

publisher : TEM - TAUKAY Edizioni Musicali


[ © 2015  ]

giulio colangelo

Organismo aperto no.2

alto sax + electronics

Organismo Aperto No.2 - for alto sax + electronics
00:00 / 00:00
[ xxi cim ]
«g. antongirolami»
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