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Freely inspired by the irrational poetry of Arthur Rimbaud, “Perception Synesthésique 5” is an unconscious journey into the synesthesia. Rimbaud abandons himself to mental associations starting from vowels and from the colors that they suggest.

In the same way the voiceover follows the poem’s style of “Voyelles”: the first part, very free and unpredictable, is an ironic reflection, rhetorical questions on the intrinsic meaning of the grapheme and on the properties of the sign shape; in the second, instead, it focuses on sensorial fusion of sound and image.


For each speaker is assigned a color and for each color a vowel. In a surreal atmosphere are offered 5 words-images for each of the 5 vowels (in the style of the poet Rimbaud). The word assigned to a specific vowel-color is pronounced only by the speaker of the same color. Simultaneously, from  the same speaker, an electronic cell moves through the pentaphonic space, drawing the shape of the letter to which it relates .

[ ~electrønic/acøusmatic music ]

<< 5.0 multichannel - 7'.15" >>


fixed media


voice : Carmela Galotta


[ © 2011  ]

giulio colangelo

Perception synesthEsique 5



A black, e white, I red, u green, O blue mixture of sounds and pictures, synaesthesia five sound points splitting impressions electronic cells draw segments and vowels


A, like the proustian Madeleine backwards to the Mémoire Involontaire e, ubuesque sonority as the life without a hermeneutics


I, a long straight line drawn for the sensoriality u, pentaphonia of the voice oblong face of Arthur Rimbaud


O, the eternal recurrence a cyclic way that seems closed but it opens again

Perception Synesthésique 5 [stereo vers.] - acousmatic

acousmatic - 5.0

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